Making Time For Your Partner, With Kids.

Making Time For Your Partner, With Kids.

Making time for your partner with kids can be challenging!

It can bring the couple closer or it can do the opposite. Well, in my relationship it did. Seeing my husband parent has made me love him so much more.

Alone time might not be as easy to come by as it was previously, but there are ways to make it happen. This time is needed to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

Having time for yourself and kids is important but its also needed to put aside that quality time for your partner.

If your relationship is healthy the kids will benefit. They of course want their mommy and daddy to be happy!

Make Time For Your Relationship, When You Have Kids:

Take ADVANTAGE Of Nap Time

When our babies get tiered that means it’s nap time for them and gives us a little wiggle room to get what we need done.

If your feeling like you need a little bit of bonding time with your significant other use this time wisely. Talk to each other, watch a quick movie, make each other a meal.

Plan a Night Out With Your Partner

Sometimes you need to get out of the house just to brighten your mood. Try asking one your friends or a family member to watch your little ones so you can go out with your partner.

Whether it be a night out at the bar, a dinner date, or a movie. You need this time to recharge and enjoy each other’s company.


Sometimes either your in the middle of cleaning, preparing dinner, or trying to get work done. It can be easy to forget to acknowledge the other person.

Life can get busy. Take a second and show your significant other you are here for them and vice versa. Ask them how their day was, how they are feeling, even just to give them a hug.

I do this daily with my husband and it truly helps. Sometimes we just get so caught up in life and everything around us.

Communicate With Your Partner

Communicate, no matter the circumstance. If both of you are working or if one is at home with the kids, try to keep an open line of communication at all times.

Send a thoughtful message, make them feel special in any way you can. Small gestures are part of what keeps relationships going strong.

Making Time For Your Partner

Go To Bed Together

Make it a point to go to bed at the same time. After you put your babies to sleep, this is your time to spend with your partner.

Watch some episodes from your favorite Netflix show, talk about your day, or plan your next date. This time is valuable with them, so use it wisely!

Finding time for your significant other can be tricky. As long as both of you are putting in that effort, that’s the most important thing. Never forget to make each other feel special even on the busiest day!

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