Soothing your colicky baby

Soothing Your Colicky Baby- 5 Ways

Soothing your colicky baby can be a hard task. Its possible it just takes a little trial and error. When I had my first baby girl, I was so excited to meet her. I didn’t think of all the “what if’s” beforehand.

Well she came and of course it was nothing but joy. We were so in love (even with the lack of sleep) but we learned a new term in those next couple of weeks.

That term was colic. I had never heard of this beforehand so I was a little bit overwhelmed. She would cry all the time. We would feed her, change her, and try to calm her but never had any luck.

A couple methods did end up working for us. These methods are very effective in soothing a colicky baby and definitely worth trying!

How To Soothe Your Baby With Colic- 5 Tips:

Soothing your colicky baby

1. Pacifier

I know a lot of parents are against using a pacifier and that’s totally fine. For a colicky baby though I recommend you at least try it out.

It is a must have in my opinion and really helped soothe my baby. Of course there were times the pacifier was not enough but it’s a good starting point!

2. White or Pink Noise

I had heard of parents who used white noise for their babies. For some reason I didn’t think to try it until maybe two months in (my mistake) it probably would have saved us some sleep!

The noise I tried with my daughter was actually pink noise which is similar to white noise.

She had been screaming hysterically and within two minutes of playing Pink Noise she fell right asleep. I was amazed! Ever since that moment we continued to use pink noise to soothe her.

3. Gripe water

When you search recommendations for a colicky baby usually gripe water is one of the first items that come up. We have tried this method and it did work for us.

We used it when she had been having a bad day, we would put a couple drops in her bottle. Like I said they did work for us but I would not say it was a dramatic difference.

Try them out! This product has potential.

4. A Bedside Bassinet

Of course we were so excited for our baby girl to use her crib. What we didn’t know was it was going to be a challenge for us!

Since our baby was colicky she was very needy. It was nearly impossible to put her to sleep and stay asleep in her crib.

I would recommend getting a bedside bassinet if your baby is showing signs of colic. We had one with our second daughter and it is very much needed and a big help!

5.“The Hold” Position

Having a baby with colic can make you feel desperate at times! (I know we were) So I found myself Googling and on YouTube trying to find remedies to help.

I came across a video called The Hold Position. It is a maneuver you can try to help calm your baby. Every time we tried this position with our little one it worked and she stopped crying. It is worth a try!

I know having a baby with colic is hard just know it will get better! Try one or all of these tips out, you got this mama!

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